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Askly is a unique, yet simple support software that helps more customers stay on your site and get positive experience.

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Good to know

Why many customers leave your website?

On average 64% of people leave your website in less than 1 minute. So what happens?


product / price / delivery misfit


insufficient support channels


unpleasant CX


support language barrier


technical bugs

Listed percents can vary, types of losses present in any niche

Lets fix that

Meet Askly, your new best friend

I provide a more sales-focused approach to customer service


Make customers stay

All support channels (chat, phone, email) are always 1 click away so your customers won't leave your product pages

Remove language barriers

Your support team will answer inquiries in any language with auto-translation.

Offer help at the right moment

Keep visitors on your website longer. Let customers send you emails from any product page.

Do more with less effort

All support channels (chat, phone, email) are always 1 click away so your customers won't leave your product pages.

Make customers feel at home

Askly's chat box automatically opens in every customer's language. Plus, it never pops out to take up the whole screen.

Access Chat History

Askly offers promos, show tailored messages, and convince customers to buy before they leave, knowing the right timing!

Chat phone

No need to hire additional bilingual staff! Askly has auto-translate for both customers & agents. Only leading commercial neural machine translation API technologies are used. Currently 27 languages are available. More upon the request.

Seamless translation

Save time by replying to the customers from your smartphone or tablet. If you have social media accounts, it's easy to integrate all website, Facebook and Instagram messages into Askly app. Go to your Settings > Setup > Add FB and IG pages.

Mobile App

It's like having a speed dial button on your website! Askly supports local phone numbers, Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype.

One-Click Phone Calls

Reply to all website and social media messages in one place. Don't waste your time on supporting customers across various channels. Especially where they cannot make a purchase. Consider adding automated replies on your social media accounts and invite customers on your website to ask their questions right on your website, where they can complete purchase or booking. Settings > Setup > Add Facebook and Instagram pages.

Social Media Integrations

Think chatbots, but better. Enable your customers to access FAQs right within their chat panel.

Self-serve FAQs

Add team members, choose roles, assign conversations, leave notes.

Team Collaboration

Get marketing & sales insights from your actual conversations with customers.

In-platform Analytics

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No need to build anything. It takes 2 minutes to install Askly to any website platform. Just plug in and take your support to international standards.

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